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Ultra Education Ltd is a for profit enterprise that creates significant social impact by enhancing the self-esteem, employment level and life chances of children. We are the UK’s #1 provider of entrepreneurial education programmes in schools and workshops.

Delivered in an exciting and challenging way, we aim to make learning and the school curriculum relevant.

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The Ultrapreneur Interviewed by Forbes!

Ultra Education Founder Julian ‘The Ultrapreneur’ Hall has been featured by in an interview where he discusses business, education and his mission to...
By Ultra | May 24, 2017 | Blog

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Show children and young people that they can do what they love and make money from it


How much will this cost and what profit can I make?

How We Teach Entrepreneurship


Find out what the competition are up to and how you can find your point of difference


Selling online or offline? Choices, choices! Which is right for your young business?"


Is it a product or is it a service? What will help you to stand out!


We use entrepreneurship as a vehicle to help our students become the best they can be

What Do People Have To Say

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Tina Götschi

Head of Computer Science, ADA College for Digital Skills
At Ada, the National College for Digital Skills, we aim to work together with Industry experts in their fields to bring real world learning into the classroom. Working together with Julian on "Business Applications of Social Media" was a great example of how this can be done. Julian added the extra dimension to the students' experiences, bringing in his extensive knowledge of setting up Social Media policies and running Social Media campaigns to bear on their learning. He brought the subject to life with an extensive range of Case Studies to illustrate concepts. He also built great relationships with our students, kick starting their journey towards becoming entrepreneurs.

Anita Akuwudike

Student Development Coach, Havering College
Ultrakids is an excellent and intuitive concept.  Our young people, today, are the leaders of tomorrow.  Ultrakids is a no brainer; equipping young people  with essential tools and skills for a successful business future and financial freedom. Thank you for coming to Havering College and engaging our learners.
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Lee Philips

SLT, Beechwood Secondary School
"Ultra Education has helped to improve the children's literacy, communication and presentation skills. A number of our students knew they wanted to be in business but didn’t know how to do it…until Julian came along.  Two students have set up a YouTube channel about Parkour which is now attracting followers. The curriculum we have in place is incredibly effective but I do think we should give students the opportunity to explore entrepreneurship, especially in cases where children are not engaged or struggling academically. Our students are learning how to manage money, develop ideas and communicate, which are really important skills used in everyday life".
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Danny Coyle

Headteacher, Newman Catholic College
We have been working with Julian Hall for the past year as part of our extended schools offer and have found it to be a first class programme. Students have developed entrepreneurial skills and as a result have become more confident young adults and more accomplished learners. I wholly endorse Ultra Education and the added value it provides for our young people in today's competitive world. I believe Ultra Education is filling a really important gap in the education system and would love to see the current curriculum become more skills based and diverse. The curriculum we have in place is incredibly effective but I do think we should give students the opportunity to explore entrepreneurship, especially in cases where children are not engaged or struggling academically.

Serena Balfour

School Governer
Teaching entrepreneurship should be an essential part of today’s education. Ultra Education has dramatically increased the level of attainment and achievement in the young people we work with.

Leah Salmon

"UltraKids Club is an amazing idea! I’ve used the learning resources successfully to raise attainment and ambition in my students. I strongly believe in entrepreneurship in education and am glad it’s being delivered in a fun way."
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Rebecca Wall

Fleet Primary School
We were able to use the activities at the UltraKids Club to support our fundraising event at the school. The children and teachers resonate with the values and that we should do more of it. We chose UltraKids Club because we think it’s important that children learn about business as long as it’s alongside things like social responsibility